“The Inner Circle Guide to Self-Service” is based on surveys with over 400 UK & US organisations. 


Each Inner Circle Guide is available for the US and UK. 



27% of UK contact centres and 28% of US contact centers report that they use virtual agents / chatbots to offer self-service to their customers. 


But self-service doesn’t begin and end with chatbots. Driven by poor experiences with the live phone channel during the pandemic, many customers have become familiar with using multiple self-service applications, both on the website and on their phone.


With self-service being a major investment priority – along with AI, CRM and omnichannel – this report shows businesses how to serve customers 24/7 while managing their costs and maintaining the customer experience.


“The Inner Circle Guide to Self-Service” investigates: 

  • The uptake of virtual agents / chatbots and their effect on service costs and performance
  • Businesses’ current use and future plans for self-service
  • How to develop a successful self-service strategy and prove ROI
  • What’s driving customer preference and uptake of automated service
  • The impact of AI and what will self-service look like in 5 years’ time.  


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Report contents


Supplier Directory


Drivers for Self-Service

  • Increased Profitability
  • Improved Performance
  • Meeting Customer Demand


Current and Future Use of Self-Service

  • Web Self-Service
    • Search & FAQs
    • Virtual Agents & Chatbots
    • Mobility and Smartphones
    • Mobile Self-Service Escalation
    • Visual IVR & Video
  • Telephony Self-Service
    • DTMF IVR
    • Speech Recognition
    • Customer Authentication
    • PCI Compliance & Card Fraud Reduction
  • Proactive Outbound


The Building Blocks of Self-Service

  • Suitability of self-service
  • Developing a self-service solution
  • Knowledge bases
  • The Role of AI in Self-Service, Web Chat and Email
  • Implementation & Roadblocks
  • ROI
  • Managing Escalation and Self-Service Failure
  • Customer Inhibitors
  • Key Points for Successful Adoption

The Future of AI-Enabled Self-Service



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