“The 2022 US Contact Center Decision-Makers’ Guide” is based on surveys with 203 US organizations and 1,000+ interviews with US consumers. 


It provides the most up-to-date and extensive view of the issues facing the US contact center industry, identifies methods for improvement and helps customer-facing businesses be aware of what’s around the corner.


Findings are split by contact center size and vertical market to help readers understand how they compare to businesses like theirs, and the use of historical data over 14 years gives perspective to long-term changes in the industry.


Report key findings and contents


A few of the key findings include:


The average cost of an inbound call is $7.29 – 15% more than email and 21% more than a web chat. This differential is growing each year as more automation is used in digital channels.


70% of US contact centers now use at least one cloud-based application.


Web chat usage has risen by 74% since 2019, driven in part by the fall in telephony service levels experienced by many businesses.


The average speed to answer has risen to its highest recorded level: 101 seconds.


94% of US contact centers expect at least some remote working in 2022, although the large majority expect a hybrid model.


90% of businesses say that AI will be important to their contact center, with chatbots being the most widely-used method, although the use of live agent assistance is growing rapidly.





  • Agent Engagement, Empowerment & Gamification
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Attrition, Absence & Recruitment
  • Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions
  • Contact Center Performance
  • Customer Effort, Engagement & First-Contact Resolution
  • Customer Experience Measurement & Improvement
  • Customer Identity Verification & Fraud Reduction
  • Customer Personalization
  • Digital Channels
  • Headsets
  • Interaction Analytics
  • Mobile Customer Contact
  • Multichannel Workforce Management
  • Omnichannel
  • Outbound, Call Blending & Proactive Customer Service
  • PCI Compliance & Card Security
  • Quality Call Recording, Performance & QA
  • Queue Management & Call-Back
  • Remote Working
  • RPA & the Unified Desktop
  • Self-Service
  • Strategic Directions
  • Virtual Contact Centers & The Connected Enterprise


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